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Uploading to the Gallery
At the bottom of the page, you will be able to select ‘User System’ Select this and a new page be refreshed.
Select the icon next to the words ‘edit, delete, scan for media automatically or upload (multiple) new media manually’ This page will refresh.
'Media Manager’ and a drop down pick a gallery box should appear.
Choose the gallery you would like your pictures to be sorted by, this selection should automatically forward the page. Make sure you select the right year and event name for you pictures
At the top right of this page should be two icons, one a square box with a star on it and the other a pen and paper. Click on the square box with ‘upload files’ visible when you hover over it.
When the page refreshes you will get a warning box asking you if you want to trust this software – say yes or you will not be able to use this gallery feature.
You then have the option of uploading in several different ways.
Single Zip file
Just select the browse button and select your photo from your hard drive. Change the ‘Temporary name’ area in the yellow box, to a name of your choice. You may choose to add a description of your photo.
Then select the ‘upload’ button the time this will take will vary depending on your upload speed of your internet connection.
Multiple files
If you have more than one file I would use this feature, you select the number of pictures you have from the drop down button. Then for each image, browse for the location of the picture, on your machine. Change the ‘Temporary name’ area in the yellow box, to a name of your choice. You may choose to add a description of your photo. Then continue to the next one. Then select the ‘upload’ button the time this will take will vary depending on your upload speed of your internet connection.
Note: If you leave any boxes unselected then their will be an error message for the empty files at the end of the upload cycle.
Drop and Drag
In the Grey box select the ‘add media’ button, this will show the file directory from your own computer, navigate through these folders until you have the correct image. The image you want should appear on the right side of the grey box. The press the add button. When you have finished adding media, press the upload button, this will begin sending files to the server. You should get an uploaded successfully message.
Once you have completed adding your images, press the mainscreen button at the top of the page and select ‘back to the gallery’ or the gallery button on the main menu.
How to Edit a Document
First of all you must be logged on to the main site, if you are not you will not have any access.
Secondly you must have previously arranged to have been given access by an administrator to the area you would like to access.
Next to the title their will appear a small rectangular box which when you hover over it says ‘Edit’ click on this. If you do not have this box contact one of the administrators, so your permissions for the site can be checked.
Once you have selected the ‘Edit’ button, the page should refresh and change, with the original  text on the page appearing in a box with word style icons at the top.
To Save edited material
At the top right of the page their should be a picture of a floppy disk, click on this once, then the save takes you back to the home page, and their should be a ‘this item has been successfully saved’ message at the top of the page beneath main horizontal bar.
To Exit the editor without saving your work.
At the top right of the page there is a cross, clicking on this will close the edit page and will not save any of the changes you have made.
To insert a photo
In the icons box their should be a icon with a picture of a tree, which when you hover over it, it says ‘insert/edit image’. Select this, a new window should appear, wait for it to load fully before selecting anything. In the ‘Image Properties’ box there is a ‘Browse’ button which will allow you to select pictures saved on your hard drive. Select one – (gif, jpg or thumbnail preferably) then select the upload button. This may take a little time depending on your connection speed. Your picture will appear in the slide along image box at the top of this window. Click onto your image. Then at the bottom of this window select the ‘OK’ button, this will place the photo where you have selected to insert your image.
Photo editing
I would suggest that you use a good photo editor like Paint Shop Pro if you want to change you image significantly. This editor will only allow you to shrink the image by clicking on the side of the image and moving the cursor and dragging the image. Do not worry if your picture is larger than you wanted it when it first appears online – you can change the size to whatever dimensions you require. You may also align the text by using one of the four ‘text align’ buttons.
I would suggest that when you are cutting and pasting from word or html then you press the word icon ‘clean word code’ and the brush icon ‘clean up messy code’, this should remove any formatting problems you might have – or if you know how use the HTML button and edit the source code. If you are really struggling with formatting email an administrator and we can fix the problem.
Inserting a Link
To insert a link to another page you must first highlight the words you would like to attach the link to. Then select the icon with the connected chain on it ‘Insert/Edit Link.’ A new window will open and in the ‘Enter link information’ section enter the URL (web address) for a web page link, or for an email contact change the ‘protocol’ to ‘mailto’ and enter the email address. Then select the ‘Insert’ button at the bottom of the page to finish. To unlink a section, highlight the area and select the broken chain icon ‘Unlink’ and that will unlink that area.
Administrators will be able to edit anything that you put on to the site.
Hope this helps