Blore heath 1459-2009 - A Soldier's Perspective
by Jock

As we all arrived on Friday afternoon, we could all tell it was going to be a good event, one of our largest. We found our camp was at the furthest edge of the field, but that was fine by us as it meant we didn't have far to march for drill or the battle.
Friday evening was for many of us a wind down from the week, so many of us engaged in a little drop too many, however Saturday morning's skirmish had us all back in the correct frame of mind.

All day everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in one way or the other in the camp, be it dyeing, spinning, cooking, bow making, playing music, luceting or sewing.

For the main battle of the day we found ourselves to be YORKIST, but this went down well with some of us. Suddenly we found ourselves positioned in-front of our archers, it was at this point I found my true calling as an ARROW MAGNET. All who stood alongside or behind, felt the true might of English archers.
But come the time to fight, our foes found us to be a force to be reckoned with, we repelled all pushes until the battle was won.

Saturday night and the much awaited 70's party unfolded, with belly dancing and who will forget the Oxford cave-man dance team. Thanks Steve for my nightmares! Much ale was partaken by some.
Sunday morning followed much the same pattern as the previous day, but some troops were missing from the skirmish, were they saving energy or were they still under the influence of drink? The service for the Battle was short and brief, a touching poem was read and every one remembered the fallen.

Now came the big test, the second Battle, we all armed and waited to enter the fray. We entered on the right hand flank and came face to face with the Beaufort's, but they withheld and pushed back until suddenly we found ourselves flanked by more Beaufort's. Somehow they had broken our lines in the centre and forced their way behind us, the fighting intensified but normality was once more restored and the Battle was won. 
This was it the season over, it seems a shame that such a GREAT Battle Field will be lost to us, but this was one hell of a way to end the year, a local Battle in Staffordshire.
Cry Buckingham, St. George and ENGLAND!