theretinueBuckingham's Retinue have published our events list for 2009. Lots of exciting new events and venues to look forward to again this year, the highlights are:
  •  A large scale 4 days event at Warwick Castle - one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK
  •  A Tudor event at the magnificent Framlingham Castle with Mary I
  • The third successive year at the excellent site of Skipton Castle. This year we plan bring the castle to life using as much as we can of the interior rooms and courtyard
  • Two events at Stafford Castle, a small scale event demonstrating many uses for herbs in the medieval period, and a large scale festival style event
  • The first visit to a new site for Buckinghams Retinue - the spectacular mediaeval fortress of Bolton castle
  • The battles of Bosworth, Tewkesbury and Blore heath
We look forward to seeing you all in 2009