2007 was been an interesting season with a new group captain for the first time in 10 years, more new members than I can remember and our first ever combined Tudor and Richardian event.

The early part of the season seemed quite quiet. My highlights would be playing with a trebuchet at Warwick, with the Romans at Bolsover and to authentically play medieval games while listening to a sermon given in Latin. None of these events had particularly large crowds of public for the numbers of re-enacters present, which meant we were not as driven to perform as we often are.

The mid part of the season was heavily affected by the weather. The worst gales in my re-enactment career hit Whitby breaking of our 4 tents and flattening several more, wiping out several other groups and ensuring the no one got any sleep. Early summer floods affected the site at Tewksbury, but luckily we were packed up 2 weeks before the deluge that made the entire town an island. The full force of the summer floods hit the weekend of Berkley we had a flurry of phone calls to inform everyone that Berkley was cancelled, and that the site was underwater. Bosworth Field never dried out so that was scratched as well righting off the middle part of the season.

The end of the season by contrast was fantastic. I guess that the public must have felt robbed of the early part of the summer as well because we had they turned out in numbers for Skipton and Castle Rising.

Skipton was our most ambitious event of the year, we portrayed the courts of Henry VIII and Richard III in an attempt to show the different styles of life and kingship that existed just a few years apart. The event required a real hard work from all the re-enactors, but it was really rewarding to do and seemed to be appreciated by the public and the custodians (who have invited us back for 2008).

For Castle Rising, we revised the combat slots in our "Tournament" style event, incorporated games into the running order and involved the public at every possible opportunity, to end up producing a new style of interactive, family friendly event that the public and custodians really seemed to love.

We have recruited a number of new members in 2007 who seem be integrating well into the group bringing new skills and ideas with them. With Castle Rising and Skipton we have pushed on again with the style and quality of the events we can perform which is bound to give us confidence in 2008. Overall the group feels new and invigorated and is really pushing re-enactment forward.