Our first multi period event has come and gone, and it gave us a good chance to see just how others do what we do.

The Roman, were very impressive as always, with their shiny armour, marching in a straight line and in time (see lads it can be done!).  Like many of you, I was impressed with the standard of their armour and their kit. The very shorts skirts did have many of the Buckinghams women wondering if the Romans wore their skirts as the Scottish do their kilts...........but alas nobody seemed brave enough to go and find out.

Those who impressed me most were the Saviles who put on a very good living history display, with such delights as wood turning, stained glass making, rope making which brought much excitement from the public when they were walking through their camp.

Perhaps it is just me but doesnt it seem cold at events, dispite the warm weather we have generally been enjoying over the last few weeks?

Main arena display...........

The evil lord of the dance Mark, managed to rope several of the members into Music and Dance during the Sunday and I would like to apologise to all who gained a headache as a result of my spectacular playing of the flute/recorder

During the confrontation between Buckingham and Harcourt. Ghosts immortal line "get your fool out of my face!" should be memorized and used in some suitable honorific fashion.

We also welcomed a new member Kyle (18 & from Stoke) to our midst’s, who is still a little shy, but I'm sure we will be able to beat that out of him over the next few events.

Adrian , some one should tell him that sock and Jesus sandals just don’t go, either in the 15th or 21st century!

Last minute rain before packing up gave us all the oppurtunity to worry about getting out tents dry before the next event in two weeks at Rufford Abbey.  Oh joy............. a big thank you goes out to those who have taken some of the group canvas to be dried before the next event ........... Cheers!