21–23 January
by Allan Harley
At long last the event some of us had been waiting for all year: THE FEAST! 

On Friday 21 January we all descended upon Langdale Youth Hostel in the Lake District and, no, it wasn’t too far away, it wasn’t too difficult to find, and there were roads. The fancy dress on Friday night was Victoriana and highlights were Cleggy as a Luddite, Naomi’s full Victorian costume including bustle, and Vez as one of the Ripper's victims. I of course upheld my end (oooerr missus) and came as a member of the famous 18th foot and mouth out of Carry on up the Khyber – “oi fakir off!”. 

We got fed and very seriously drunk; I don’t remember much more. On Saturday afternoon the AGM was held, details of which should be appearing elsewhere in the SwanSong, and formalised events for 2005 (there are lots for you to pick and choose between). 

On Saturday night came the feast itself, Sumptuous food, copious drink and stupid entertainment – with a musical montage and a play. I have to apologise and say that I seemed to descend into a beery haze of drunkeness very early in the proceedings. 

My highlights: Nigel attempting to stay on a unicycle, “I want 26 apostles and one kangaroo” (you had to be there). The play – “Ring Wars: the final end“ – and the look on everyone's faces during the musical numbers. 

Thanks to all those involved in organising another very successful feast, thanks to the cooks for brilliant food and thanks to all those that helped out with the entertainment. Without which I probably wouldn’t have got in such a state.