Well an exhausting start to the new medieval re-enactment season for many of the Retinue, as we undertook filming for a TV show that is planned to air later this year. Paul with his work on a documentary about the early days of Morecambe & Wise, and Mark with Timewatch experience perhaps had some idea of what to expect, but the 4am alarm calls and long days of filming it was certainly different to the cameo roles we had had in Masterchef and Lord of the Fries for most of us. As is apparently the case with most TV work, there was a great degree of uncertainty about the exact requirements in advance, and it is a credit to the experience and professionalism of those involved that they were able to adapt to the evolving requirements and to deliver what was requested, and hopefully there will be a brilliant show at the end of this that we can all be proud of.

Five Buckinghams then headed over to Bosworth field to participate in the once in a life time re-enactment opportunity to provide a 21 gun salute for Richard III, former king of England as he is processed to his final resting place. Organised by our very own James Green, Gwynnifer (our cannon) formed one end of an impressive line of eight medieval guns that signalled a minutes silence in respect of Richard, before a rolling volley of 21 shots to mark respect. As crew to Gwynnifer, we had 70 seconds to reload between shots, a process that usually takes us 60 seconds, but we added to the drill slightly so ended up with about 5 seconds to spare on the actually event, only to find that the match had blown out on the previous shot and we had to scramble for a replacement to keep the line on track. But all was well Richard Iii is now safely ensconced in Leicester cathedral.

Next re-enactment event is medieval battle of Towton, and Kyle (ever a glutton for punishment) is walking to the battlefield from York, in full medieval kit as soldiers would have actually done at the time.