The retinue of his grace the duke of Buckingham had their first full event of the 2014 season at our regular Easter camping ground of Warwick Castle. With the increased size of the Horrible History displays, and the "Slimy Stuarts" arena occupying some of our traditional camping space, our friends in the Clarences and Rosa Mundi had to relocate to pageant field, leaving us and the Gloucesters on the East front.
To make best use of the space, we set the camp up with open tents for surgery and games displays, on the road along with the arms and armour and the other awning. We placed our fire slightly back from the road but in clear view and next to the Gloucesters fire, filling in the back of the camp with closed tents. Our newly repainted cannon (Gwenevere) took pride of place on the road, acting as a focal point to draw in the public.

Well the 2014 season is approaching at a frightening rate. Buckingham’s Retinue have a record number of our own events this year including a first ever visit to Castle Acre Priory, and a welcome returns to Kenilworth and Lincoln Castles after a number of years away, as well as the mainstays of Skipton, and Denny. Large scale events for 2014 include a new entry in the calendar for Leeds Castle (Kent) which promised to be spectacular, a return to England’s premier historic castle at Warwick Castle, and the large scale battle re-enactments at Bosworth and Tewkesbury

The first big set piece display will be with Livery and Maintenance this Easter at England’s premier historic attraction - Warwick Castle. This year at Warwick Castle we will be focusing on living history displays, and combining displays with other groups. We aim to top the weekend with the preparation of a spectacular Easter feast and associated festivities.

The old issues of the swansong (before the current blog format) are available as PDF files below.
Lots of intererestingn articles hidden in here too and they are well worth a read.
Swansong 1  - July 2000 -  Tamworth Castle, Goodrich Castle, Kenilworth, Middleham, Tewkesbury
Swansong 2 - September 2000 - Barnard Castle, Helmsley, Dover
Swansong 3 - January 2001 - Warwick Castle, Dartmouth, Blore Heath
Swansong 4 - April 2001  - Feast and AGM
Swansong 5 - July 2001 - Chester, Deal, Battle Abbey, Orgreave
Swansong 6 - September 2001 - Old sarum, Tewkesbury
Swansong 7 - October 2001 - Kirby Hall, Castle Rising, Warwick Castle, Blore Heath
Swansong 8 - January 2002 - Dover, 
Swansong 9 - March 2002 - Feast
Swansong 10 - May 2002 - Tutbury, Tamworth
Swansong 11 - September 2002 - Scarborough, Pilleth, Tewkesbury, Muchelney, Kirby
Swansong 12 - November 2002 - Old Sarum, Lincoln, Blore 
Swansong 13 - Feburary 2003 - Feast, 
Swansong 14 - May 2003 - Lincoln, 
Swansong 15 - June 2003 - Holdenby House
Swansong 16 - July 2003 - Kennilworth, Tutbury, 
Swansong Kogge - October 2003, Germany
Swansong 17 - November 2003, Tewkesbury, Stafford, Stoneleigh, Bosworth, Dartmouth, Blore
Swansong 18 - January 2004
Swansong 19 -May 2004, Feast, 
Swansong 20 - Autumn 2004, Wrest Park, Holdenby,  Lincoln, Castle Rising, Berkley, Stafford, Bosworth, Dartmouth, Blore
Swansong 21 - December 2004