Well when Mark and I arrived at 11pm, most of the camp had already been set up many people kindly helped us with putting up our campaign tent, I can honestly not remember a tent going up so quickly before! I think that many people ended up in bed fairly early due to the cold mist on the first night and it did seem very cold on my part, but apparently I'm not a really good judge when it comes to temperature and coldness.

Saturday, was a warmer day that many people had expected it to be and many sunhats were in evidence. I had been looking forward to seeing Allan’s bruise that he was carring from a Blore training weekend given to him by Mark, and it was worth the wait as it was truly spectacular – no one truly bruises like him! it runs from just under the knee cap, all of the way down the shin, and around to the back of the ankle. I'm sure for those of you who did not see it, Allan many add a photo to the gallery or you may still get your chance at Bolsover castle!   
Nigel was responsible for cooking for the event and he produces his usual excellent fare, despite the fire being initially sited in the windiest and coldest place in the castle! This situation was eventually solved by moving the fire on to the exposed area, which for some reason was warmer and less windy, than the remains of a room which looked on initial inspection to provide good shelter and protection from the elements.

As Hautbois were on hand providing the music and dance, we had good music going on all day in the back ground to the event, and on the second day we had a dancing session, which put Mark in to seventh heaven, as he was dancing with the original people who taught him how to medieval dance about 15 years ago.

Well what can I say about the mumming plays and pagent? Apart from the fact that they were really well done and performed and a big well done goes out to all that were involved and helped! Paul Hadfield’s dragon outfit that the York City Levy lent to us was amazing, I think at least four different people wanted to volunteer to make a group one. Several members of the group were practicing a scripted mumming play to be used at future events, which unfortunately led Nigel to resort to soliciting kisses from members of the public during his part of the play and I believe that it made one member of the public cry.

Speaking of crying, I also made a member of the public cry on the Sunday while I was sitting with Bethany while she was attempting her carding. I said to a MOP family, Beth would not be eating until she had completed her work, after some friendly banter with the father, he offered me up his daughter as an apprentice, so naturally I asked after her teeth and general health, the father then opened her mouth showing me her teeth and playing along, I asked if she was a hard worker and the father answered yes, at which point the daughter burst into tears, hit her father and then ran away! Ooops……. Allan, however gets the top score for his efforts during the kiddy drill with an average off three per day.

I would like to say a very big well done to all of our newbies! Oggie was entertaining the public with a very good fire making demonstration aided by William, Caroline gave several talks on luceting and the Janke family manage to get themselves involved in everything from cooking, archery, mumming plays, to arms and armour. William and Luke, brought much amusement towards the end of the first day when they took to lying around camp pretending to have been shot dead with arrows sticking out of them, occasionally they would move and reposition themselves for dramatic effect. We also welcomed Ian and Jackie’s family to their first full day of an event, Scott, George and Steph and their dog Rio (who I think felt very undignified being led around on a string) and they said they were all looking forward to becoming more involved and attending Bolsover.

I’m looking forward to Bolsover, where I'm hoping to do some fish net making and hopefully candle dipping, as well as game playing. I would like to remind anyone who is interested that I will be holding a kit making (personal) session at my house for those who would like to attend, starting around 10am on Saturday until 5pm on Sunday.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this report, we plan to have them for all of the events this year, so if you would like to submit a report or include a supplement paragraph in an existing report, please get in touch!


Our first multi period event has come and gone, and it gave us a good chance to see just how others do what we do.

The Roman, were very impressive as always, with their shiny armour, marching in a straight line and in time (see lads it can be done!).  Like many of you, I was impressed with the standard of their armour and their kit. The very shorts skirts did have many of the Buckinghams women wondering if the Romans wore their skirts as the Scottish do their kilts...........but alas nobody seemed brave enough to go and find out.

Those who impressed me most were the Saviles who put on a very good living history display, with such delights as wood turning, stained glass making, rope making which brought much excitement from the public when they were walking through their camp.

Well this event was always going to be eventful, would I have a dress to wear, would Andy lose the beard, and was his hair about to be sacrificed as well? The dress was finished at midnight on the Thursday, as I am sure any of you who contacted me in the week running up the event realised as you all got, must go sewing to do. Andy has Vez to thank for saving his hair from the chop, but the beard had to be sacrificed for the greater good! much to the amusement of the rest of the group when we all arrived at Skipton. You can always rely on Paul for the ability to jump in with 2 feet “yikes, who are you”

Sebastian proved to be a very good host, with some indoor accommodation, real toilets and hot running water. He even arranged for the church next to the castle to turn its bells off through the night. Unfortunately that didn’t hold for the Sunday morning bell ringing marathon, I think they must still be going strong now.