2017 sees the biggest ever medieval re-enactment programme for Buckingham’s Retinue, with six of our own events, and invites to a further five high profile sites. 
Our season starts with a celebration of St George at Beeston castle in Cheshire, backed by musicians and children’s activities we provide firepower, combat displays, medieval mummery (featuring St George), dance, living history camp, and historic talks.
In May we meet up with likeminded medieval re-enactment groups at the impressive keep of Richmond Castle to focus on crafts and living history actives, with a similar show planned later in the year at Tattershall Castle Lincolnshire, where we will also have use of the rooms as well as the grounds for our displays.
If you are interested in battles, then we have an invite to the skirmish at the Old Hall Tatton Park in June, the largest medieval re-enactment in Europe at Tewkesbury medieval fair in July, and the best known of the medieval battles at Bosworth in August.
We hold a unique event each year at Skipton where we bring the castle to life, cooking in the castles medieval kitchens and recreate a medieval court, judging real medieval complaints.
We also have events at Castle Rising, Byland Abbey, Sandwell, and Oxburgh Hall, where we as the only group present we run a full timetable of activities from 10am-5pm for the public, with set pieces every half hour. These events can be hard work, but are very rewarding for both participants and the public, providing a great showpiece of what we can do and a chance for new members to learn about all aspects of medieval re-enactment.
Dates are available on our Events Page
If you are interested in joing, watching or hiring Buckinghams Retinue please let us know.

Our very own Kyle Glover took part in George Lamb's light hearted podcast from Radio Wolfgang "Medium Brown" series - Episode 91 "War of the Roses". The episode featured historian Dan Jones and currator of the Wallace Collection Tobias Capwell. This is now availabe on iTunes or direct from http://theofficialgeorgelambpodcast.podtree.com/.
This is the first of two occasions that Buckinghams Retinue wil be sharing the air waves with Dan Jones in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for  "Henry VIII and His Six Wives" on Channel 5.

The final medieval re-enactment activity of 2015 for Buckingham’s Retinue took place this weekend in a muddy (practically bog like) field in Lancashire, as we took part in filming for a Channel 5 production that is expected to be shown in 2016. Many thanks to the people who dragged themselves out of bed before 5am and were in armour, makeup (added blood, mud and gore) and watching the dawn break at 6:30. It actually a really good (and good natured) fight, even people kept shouting “cut, back to position 1”. Rory who had more fake blood applied that anyone else looked gruesome, and in Halloween spirit kept the makeup on to travel home. He also took a starring role towards the end of the shoot, but as I cannot disclose too much else yet, you will have to wait and watch when it airs to find out more.