Medieval camp at Greenwich by NightJune is often a difficult month to organise events for, so the Retinue was really pleased to get and invite to the prestigious event at Greenwich’s Old Navel College. The college is right by the Thames, next to the cutty sark, which meant that the towers of canary wharf provided a surreal backdrop for thisTudor event.  In addition our camp site was next to the music practice rooms of the college, so the whole weekend has a strange musical accompaniment.

This weekend (8th/9th August) Buckingham’s Retinue will be performing a murder mystery at Castle Bolton.
A summary of the plot and the name of the murderer will be posted here shortly after the event. In the mean time to wet your appetite,  here is the event background:

The year is 1484 and the grasp of King Richard III on the throne of England has been weekend by the loss of his son and heir that April. He is worried about the threat from rebels at home and exiled rebels abroad. Since May Richard has sent his commissioners out throughout the land to array his chief supporters to be ready for war. There are many strangers in Bolton in these troubled times, who is for the king, who is against?

A mysterious foreigner has recently visited Bolton castle and has been found dead on the very day the Royal Commissioner was to arrive. How did the man die? What was his business in the castle? Is it linked to a plot against the king or just some drunken squabble?

Blore heath 1459-2009 - A Soldier's Perspective
by Jock

As we all arrived on Friday afternoon, we could all tell it was going to be a good event, one of our largest. We found our camp was at the furthest edge of the field, but that was fine by us as it meant we didn't have far to march for drill or the battle.
Friday evening was for many of us a wind down from the week, so many of us engaged in a little drop too many, however Saturday morning's skirmish had us all back in the correct frame of mind.