Richard (the Duke of Gloucester)  has been suspicious for a long time that Margaret Beaufort is up to something and as a result has placed a number of spies in various households around the north. Not too long ago he received information from Andy Horsfield the spy at Skipton that Margaret Beaufort was trying to increase her influence with the northern families in order to help bring her son Henry Tudor back into the country. As a result of this he sent Sir Richard Brown to take over Skipton and try to diminish the Stanley's power base in the north. Unfortunately Margaret was still there when Sir Richard arrived. New orders were sent to Andy by the way of Kyle Glover who was a guard in Sir Richards retinue. Kyle was in one respect a good choice to send secret orders with as no-one would suspect him, but also due to the reason no-one suspects him he was a poor choice and he dithered over how to smuggle the orders to the drop off point, taking a week to pluck up courage. When he did finally workout were they were to go and get them there he was followed by Richard Scowerer, Jocks henchman, who retrieved them and gave them to Jock on the Saturday morning. Richard can't read so he didn't know what they were.

Skipton Castle, seated in the Gateway to the Dales, and witness to a terrible murder and its investigation.

Blessed with reasonable weather (neither roasting hot nor drowned) over 30 members of the Buckingham Household descended on Skipton Castle on 24 and 25 July 2010 to play out general life in the castle. Each member was given their own character, status and motivation to carry them through the plot and the weekend. There were servants in the kitchens preparing food and serving the top table; guards on the main gate to stop and check those who wished to enter, locals from the town and many more who made up the daily running of the castle.

It was understood that the Gloucester retinue had been billeted in the castle for a week, and the day started with the Captain of the Gloucester's (Jock) demanding an audience with Lady Joan Stanley (Zoe) and Lady Beaufort (Hill). A man more accustomed to talking to soldiers, the Captain did not impress the Ladies, and the more he threw his weight about and leered at Lady Joan's daughter (Laura) the more infuriated the Ladies became. The Captain was given the task of finding out where the stolen delivery of wine had gone.


Buckingham's Retinue provisional 2013 events list was revealed last week at our AGM, and it looks like we are in for another exciting year. Starting with a the Battle at Towton, where it will certainly be early enough this year to see an authentic covering of snow on the battlefield. We return to one of England's foremost historic sites with 4 full days of re-enactment at Warwick castle, with a focus this year on making best use of the premier camping position directly in front of the main entrance to enthral the public with our living history displays. New for this year is our bid to be recognised as the best living history group of 2013 with our entry into the competition held at Threekingham, we have been invited for a number of years, but the change in date of this event has allowed us to compete for the first time.

The warriors amongst us will have the opportunity take to the field as the battle based events or Tewkesbury and Bosworth amongst other, and I am sure that re-enactment at Bosworth will have a new impetus given the discovery of the remains of Richard III last year, and the additional information that this has imparted in to the life of the King, and the battle itself. Finally for any budding Shelock Homes (or Brother Cadfael) out there, you can pit your wits at trying to unlock the intrigue and shadowy deeds that will take place as an unexpected death disturbs life at the picturesque Skipton castle.

We are still looking to finalise the 2013 programme and more information will follow

Mark Hewitt