DateLocationDescriptionOrganising GroupHistorical Date
22nd March - 26th March Bosworth and Leicester Precession of Richard III   2015/1485
28th - 29th March Towton Battlefield Walk and Commemoration Towton Battlefield Society
WOTR Federation Insurance
25th - 26th April Beeston Castle St George's Day Celebration Buckingham's Retinue 15th Century
2nd - 4th May (May Bank Holiday) Warkworth TBC L&M 15th Century
23rd - 25th  May (Spring Bank Holiday) Framlingham Castle Tudor Living history  Buckingham's Retinue Tudor
13th - 14th June Tatton   Plantagenet Events 15th Century
4th - 5th July Chetwynd Medieval Fair Medieval Fair Plantagenet Events 15th Century
11th - 12th July Tewkesbury Large Scale Battle Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 1471
18th - 19th July Skipton Castle Murder Mystery Buckingham's Retinue 15th Century
22nd - 23rd August Bosworth Battle and living history Full Fed (membership needed) 1485
30th - 31st August (August Bank Holiday) Castle Rising Living History and arena display Buckingham's Retinue 15th Century
12th - 13th September Croft Castle Mortimer's Cross Jason O’Rourke HCC 15th Century

Note: Events in italics might have limited or no group kit. Will be updated as more information is known

Other Dates:

13th - 15th March The Original Re-Enactors Market Sports Connexion
Ryton on Dunsmore
10th - 12th April Living History Fair Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground
Bath Lane
LE17 5QS