Partner Re-enactment Groups

There are a number of other good 15th Century re-enactor groups in the country that we work with including:

Wars of the Roses History Links

Other Historical Sites

  • Living History Forum A forum that serves re-enactors of many periods. Useful for buying and selling.
  • English Monarchs Information on the English nobility from 802AD to the present day, including an article on the 2nd Duke of Buckingham.
  • Sarah Thursfield Author of the invaluable 'Medieval Tailor's Assistant'. Includes a section on updates to the MTA.
  • Karen Larsdatter A large library of manuscript images, well categorised.
  • All Goode Cookery A collection of recipes - some are not authentic so check the individual recipes for details

Other Re-enactment Groups

   These groups have been good enough to link to our website to help promote the hobby

Historical Traders

Armourers and Swordsmiths
  A Plaisance  
  White Rose Armoury  
  Armour Class  
  Tyrrell Armouries  
  Cloak'd and Dagger'd Good for inexpensive hand made jacks
Archery and Arrows
  Quicks Nationwide archery supplies
  Andy Kirkham 60 Leedham Road, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S65 3EB
01709 363 127 A wide variety of archery and non archery related items
  Richard Head Longbows Re-enactment archery supplies
Fabric and Medieval Clothing
  Herts Specialist Fabrics A range of fabrics
  Bernie the Bolt Wools and linens
  Petty Chapman Dave Rushworth - mainly wool
  Jane's Wardrobe Custom made clothing by Jane Ramsey
  Cloaked and Daggered Custom and off the peg made clothing by Jackie Phillips
  Plantagenet Shoes Formerly made by Morgan Hubbard, now under new ownership - hand sewn and turned shoes 
  Ana Period Shoes Machine stiched and hand sewn shoes
  Kevin Garlick

Machine stiched but hard wearing shoes

  Pilgrim Shoes  Inexpensive Tudor shoes
  Trinity Court Potteries Jim the Pot - the best place to buy period pottery
  Robin Wood Lathe turned wooden plates and bowls etc.
  History in the Making Furniture makers
  Medieval Art and Woodwork Artwork and wooden wasters
  The Merchant Venturers Glassware and other goods
  Bohemia Beauty Purely glassware
  The Leather Man Leather bottles and costrels
  Phil Fraser Pouches and belts
  Past Tents The main tent supplier, now made again in England
  Victor James 427 Anglesey Road, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3NE
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Food and Drink
  Drunken Monk Fruit wines, mead and beers
  Derbyshire Arms Handgun maker
  Tod's Stuff Knives and other very nice goods
  Traditional Materials Supplier of horn, leather, wood, metal, etc.
  6 of 1 Traders who make only 6 of each provenanced item
  Pan's Pantry Apothecary and incense seller
  The Mulberry Dyer Naturally dyed wool, linen and silk yarns
  Sweetness and Light Candles and sundry materials
  Historic Enterprises An American site who is happy to ship to the UK 
  Pewter Replicas Steve Millingham - pewter goods
  Lionheart Replicas Pewter pilgrim badges, buttons and spoons
  Medieval Design An Italian site who is happy to ship to the UK
  P.G. Bleazey Woodwinds Medieval recorders and flutes
  House of De Clifford Specialist ethical fur traders
  The Orginal Reenactors Market TORM - held twice a year at Ryton on Dunsmore nr Coventry
  The International Living History Fair ILHF - held twice a year near Leamington Spa
  The Foreign Field Reenactors Kit Fair A new fair, held annually near Barnsley