• Members of Buckingham's Retinue will be making a number of appearances on TV in the next few weeks. First as part of the series "Flintoff:lord of the fries" Sky One Friday 13th March 2015 Freddie Fliintoff will visit the medieval re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth. His mobile chip van setup with our camp directly behind it, so expect to see footage of our camp and members in the background.

    Next on Channel 4 evening of Sunday 22nd March, there will be a special programme "Richard III: The Return of the King" to mark the procession of Richard III to his final resting place in Leicester Cathedral. Members of the group will be involved in the commemoration ceremony that takes place at Bosworth as part of this event.

    Finally we will be filming some of our medieval re-enactment in late March for a new TV programme that is still under wraps, but expected to be shown later in the year.