Women Fighting

With the increase in the number of women in the group, it should interest you all to know exactly where you stand with regards to fighting, and whatever other activities you may get up to!

With the cannon, there is the chance for at least two women to help crew the gun. More cannons and hand guns are on their way too. There is also no reason why you can’t do target shooting with the bow and also do some archery on the battlefield as a non-combatant.
However, at our own events you can also cross-dress and fight the same as the men. This would involve a minimum of changing into hose and shirt, donning a jack, gloves and sallet and fighting with a bill. Obviously this is quite a lot of kit and anyone who is serious should begin trying to sort some out well in advance.
As far as training goes, you will first need to pass a health and safety test, but there will no doubt be a line of men determined to show you the best way to use a bill, and also how good they are in the process. At future events there will be some kind of training each day, so be the first to pick up the bill and maim young men in horrible and nasty ways!