Children’s Tunic pattern

This is a very easy pattern to make! Image
Material: Made out of linen or wool or a combination of both. Colour: Something bright or what ever you have left over.
  1. Measure the child from the shoulders to the ground – add about 10 to 15 cm (as they grow really quickly).
  2. Measure around their chest – add about 8cm – you can add more or less as you know your child best!
  3. Draw out a rectangle, make allowances for the head and possibly the arms.
  4. Sew the shoulder seams together on both the outer and lining. Sew the lining and outer together around the large rectangular piece. Iron all of the seams. Pull the material through the neck hole so the right side is showing, and iron again.
  5. Fold in the neck area and sew with a running stitch. Iron again.
  6. If you have made your tunic too long, fold up the extension and tack lightly to the bottom of the tunic, you will be able to let this out easily later on.
  7. Make point holes for cording to keep the tunic together or use a belt.