L’homme, l’homme, l’homme armé
L’homme armé, L’homme armé doibt on doubter. Doibt on doubter.
On a fait partout crier
Que chascun se viegne armer
D’un haubregon de fer
Oh the man the man at arms
Fills the foIk, fills the folk with dread alarms with dread alarms
Everywhere I hear them wail
‘Find a good strong coat of mail
Perhaps you’ll then prevail
Oh beware the man at arms
All you folk all you folk in fields and farms, in fields and farms
Gaze around the country scan
And avoid him if you can
He’s such a ruthless man
Guard against all men a arms
But forget, but forget your foolish qualms, your foolish qualms
Bar the door and lock the gate
Waking early watching late
Escape a dreadful fate